MBS Faculty

Hani Atamna PhD, MSc
Associate Dean of Basic Research
Director of the MBS Program
Professor of Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Medical Education

Joseph Dhahbi MD, PhD
Director of Academic Research Study
Professor of Biochemistry, Genomics and Medical Education

Sherif Hassan MD, PhD
Professor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy and Medical Education

Jan Kuebel-Hernandez MLIS, AHIP
Library Director
Instructor of Library Science

Fauzia Nausheen MD,FCPS, MSc
Assistant Dean of Faculty and Student Affairs for Wellness
Associate Professor of Anatomy and Medical Education

Vanessa Ochoa PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and Medical Education

Maiyon Park PhD
Associate Professor of Physiology and Medical Education

Iman Ridda MD, BHSc, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Health, Epidemiology and Statistics

Aruni Wilson DVM, PhD
Associate Professor of Microbiology/Immunology and Medical Education