MBS Faculty

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Hani Atamna PhD, MSc
Associate Dean of Basic Research
Professor of Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Medical Education

Linda Connelly PhD
Interim Director Master of Biomedical Sciences Program
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Physiology and Medical Education

Joseph Dhahbi MD, PhD
Director of Academic Research Study
Professor of Biochemistry, Genomics and Medical Education

Sherif Hassan MD, PhD
Professor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy and Medical Education

Jun Ling PhD
Professor of Biochemistry, Immunology and Medical Education

Shabana Masood MS, MPH
Adjunct Faculty of Statistics and Epidemiology

Kendy Mendez-Flores MAEd
Adjunct Faculty of Career Pathways and Development

Vanessa Ochoa PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and Medical Education

Maiyon Park PhD
Associate Professor of Physiology and Medical Education