Message from the President

Dr. Dev GnanaDev

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the California University of Science and Medicine. School of Medicine (CUSM School of Medicine). Several years ago, on a visit to a Caribbean medical school, I was informed that there were several hundred well-qualified California students in that school. After doing some research, I realized that because of the very limited number of medical school slots in California (there were only eight MD Schools in California in 2011), many highly qualified students were being forced to enroll outside of our home state. At that time, the last MD school that had opened in the California was University of California San Diego in 1968. That glaring fact spurred me to begin creating a medical school in the city of Colton in Southern California, a community that has been very good to me during my more than 37 years as a surgeon. Colton is in area referred to as the “Inland Empire” of Southern California, an area with a severe shortage of primary care and specialist physicians.

Today, I am very proud to welcome our first class of medical school students. Our goals and objectives are many, including educating California students, especially the underrepresented minorities (Latino, African American and Native American) in the Inland Empire and recruiting these individuals to practice medicine in their communities. We feel strongly that CUSM will have a lasting impact not only on the current shortage of physicians and limited medical school slots in our state, but also on the health and wellness of those in our community who are battling numerous chronic diseases and other health-related issues.

My goals for CUSM don't end with creation of a medical school. In addition, I have a goal to develop CUSM into a premier bioengineering sciences university focusing on genomics, proteomics, nanomics, immunotherapeutics, bioinformatics and medical robotics. The future of medicine is tied to the advances in these fields. It is my hope that we continue to gain the support of the local community, including businesses, educational institutions and governments, to ensure that CUSM is successful today and well into the future.

This is only the beginning for CUSM. We look forward to giving our students the opportunity to grow as individuals and discover a deep sense of purpose as they realize their dreams.

Dr. Dev A. GnanaDev